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The antidote to creativity stiflers


Antidote to creativity stiflers


PermissionToPlay is an antidote to organisations’ shyness and anxiety about creativity. We help unlock a safe space where imagination and experimentation are free to flourish without fear.


Here you’ll find inspiring resources and people that will help you develop the skills, mindsets and confidence to unlock your creative potential. Through practical tips, interactive courses, workshops and coached innovation programmes, our liberating approach stimulates organisations’ ability to innovate and grow. You will be able to build a creative problem-solving toolkit to apply to your day-to-day work and play.

Creative emancipation


We exist to spread a little (more) creativity into the world around us to help make it a better place. PermissionToPlay was founded by creativity fan and marketing strategist, Kevin Mann. With decades hands-on experience helping organisations to transform, innovate and grow, Kevin has seen how corporate culture, fear of change and lack of skills stifles brave fresh thinking. PermissionToPlay is the creativity emancipator he wished had been available to his teams.


Kevin has held marketing director roles at multinationals like Equiniti, Capita and UBS CEFS/Equatex to help shape their future during times of major change. As a non-executive director, mentor and volunteer, he also shares his knowledge and expertise with growing organisations who are keen to make a difference.


PermissionToPlay is an initiative and trading name of marketing consultancy Williamsmann Ltd.


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