Photo Walk

Going for a walk, or taking an excursion, is a great way to clear your head and set the right frame of mind for creative thinking. There are many types of excursion you can take. A photo walk is one of the most stimulating.



Take 5-10 minutes to go for a walk with your smartphone or camera. This can be in the countryside or busy city streets – and is best done individually or small groups of two or three. It’s good to have an idea of the route you want to take but be open to changing direction if the mood takes you.


1. Capture the big picture

Be sure to pace yourself, walking slowly with comfortable regular steps. As you start to walk, focus first the broad environment or landscape around you. Take some pictures that set the scene, that show the big picture view.


2. Deconstruct the compositional elements

As you move forward, notice the temperature, the shape of trees or buildings, the wind, the shifting light and shadows. Capture them in photos.


3. Notice the detail

Continue to walk slowly. Take note of colours, of forms and their functions. If something catches your eye, let your focus fall on it. Observe it, analyse it, try to take in its details. Take some pictures to capture what appealed to you. Then move on. Walking calmly, noticing and observing, taking photos of anything – or anyone – interesting along the way.


4. Replay and reflect

At the end of your walk take a few minutes with your group to reflect on the journey: how did you feel? What did you like? Share the images that most caught your attention. Discuss what made them stand out?