Creativity unwrapped

Creativity is a surprisingly difficult concept to pin down. To help the curious, PermissionToPlay has put together a FREE video course that unwraps some of the key questions and theories around creativitiy.

Creativity Unwrapped is a quick exploration of what creativity is. The module looks at how different people define it and where it comes from. It challenges some common beliefs and invites you to uncover what is creative in you.


The course touches on many of the commonly held views of creativity. It unpicks the definitions born out of extensive scientific research and challenges the notion of left-brain and right-brain thinking. It explores common traits of creative people and looks for ways we can all improve our creative abilities.


Finally, the course invites you to reflect on your traits and abilities to discover what is creative in you.

Illustration person fighting two brains
  • On-demand video course

    Includes self-exploration exercise


This course is for anyone who is a little bit curious about the nature of creativity; and if they have any of it themselves.


You won’t need a technical or scientific background, and you certainly will not need to be artistic.


All you’ll need is an open mind.