Finding your voice

Arts director and producer, Jacqueline Goddard talks imagination, improvisation and how performing arts can help build creative confidence.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Goddard
Jacqueline Goddard, arts director and producer

Jacqueline Goddard has worked on productions for the London and Edinburgh Fringe as well as producing roles for business, theatre and film. She has managed and facilitated many community-based outreach projects including a TV featured project with Microsoft.


Jacqueline is an experienced arts and drama tutor and the founder of Atticus Arts, which seeks to build confidence and raise aspiration through visual and performing arts. Working with businesses, individuals and the community, Atticus Arts aims to allow people the space to explore, create and play, to find their voice and to find their story.

The interview

In this interview with PermissionToPlay, Jacqueline discusses where imagination comes from and what we can learn from being on stage. She highlights how performing arts can help build confidence and explores the importance of improvisation in creativity and everyday life.


Jacqueline explains how everyone can benefit from the skills and techniques that actors use, even if they don’t want to be on stage.  Through the “Finding your voice” programme from Atticus Arts, she helps people better access the range of their vocal abilities and apply that to work or play.


Watch the interview with Jacqueline to discover how performing arts can help unlock creativity and confidence.


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