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Five creativity kickstarters

Creative starters are techniques to get your thinking going. They’re great for overcoming creative blocks and the dreaded blank page. They are also useful warm-up exercises for creative sessions.

In the Creative Starters course we give you 5 fun ways to get your creative juices flowing and overcome creative blocks. All these techniques are intended to be quick and easy to apply in any situation. They should generally last no more than 10 to 20 minutes – You can string 2 or 3 different exercises together to really stretch those thinking muscles.

The course is FREE and open to everyone.


You don’t need to register.

It is video based so that you can do it at your own pace. Each technique provides a different approach to sparking ideas.

5 Creativity Starters

Person taking photo

The Photowalk takes you on a stimulating excursion to clear your head and set the right frame of mind for creative thinking.

Squiggle birds

Squiggle Birds is simple exercise which is remarkably effective loosening-up creative hangups, dissipating self-doubts and switching on curiosity.

Toilet cistern

Stink-flush is a brainstorming exercise with a difference. It unblocks self-censorship by flushing out all the bad ideas – or stinkers – first. It gets them out of the way to free the flow of creative confidence.

Candy sweets

Random stimuli re-energise and redirect the mind by triggering unexpected associations and novel connections. It’s one of the most invigorating ways to jump-start idea generation when you’ve hit a creative block.


One of the most liberating ways to think is to imagine what an inspirational character or Unlikely Hero would do. Unleash their wisdom, energy, quirk or superpower to help you save the world.