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Get a panoramic view of opportunities with the Innovation Landscape Matrix


The ‘Innovation Landscape Matrix’ is one of 30 techniques included in our PLAYBOOK, the free toolkit for creative thinkers.


The Innovation Landscape Matrix maps opportunities for innovation at multiple scales: product, service and system. It provides a framework for exploring the wider landscape of material things, people and context. It was developed in 2014 by Emma Dewberry at the Open University.

A wider view of opportunity


Use the matrix to guide an exploration of the innovation landscape for a specific topic. Each box invites you to ask questions that build a broad view of interrelated factors. Complete one matrix for the current situation, and one for possible innovations.


You can download the worksheet below.

Innovation Landscape Matrix worksheet
Innovation Landscape Matrix worksheet

Product and context:

Explore location(s) of production and use, regulation and standards, ecosystems, distribution, cultural and technological issues.

Service and context:

This square investigates the ways in which context influences the service provision.

System and context:

Looks at the relationships between the system and context.

Product and people:

This square of the matrix looks at relationships between people and product.

Service and people:

This square looks at the relationships between service and people.

System and people:

Looks at the relationships between the system and people.

Product and material things:

Use life-cycle thinking to explore the relationships between products, the materials and energy consumed.

Service and material things:

This square of the matrix explores the material components of services that are part of this innovation landscape.

System and material things:

For example, systems include utilities such as electricity, water, sewage and transportation, ecosystems, rules, regulations and cultural norms.



The worksheet is included in our free PLAYBOOK, a collection of 30 of our favourite tools and techniques. Download them all now in the PLAYBOOK.


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