Squiggle birds

Squiggle Birds is a simple exercise that is remarkably effective loosening-up creative hangups, dissipating self-doubts and switching on curiosity.

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Unlock creative confidence

At the start of creative group sessions, it is often important to help people ease their inhibitions and build a bit of creative self-confidence. People’s creativity is often held back because they think they can’t draw. Squiggle Birds demonstrates how easily anyone can draw to represent an idea. In the process, it switches on their curiosity and dissipates self-doubts.


Draw some squiggles


Take a sheet of paper and draw some random squiggles around the page. Make them different sizes. Vary their shape. About a dozen squiggles is great. Or download some ready-made squiggles if you wish.


Transform them into birds


Transform the squiggles into birds with:

  • A triangle for a beak
  • A dot for an eye
  • Two simple bird feet
  • And another triangle for a tail

Explore how each little bird comes to life.


Share your masterpieces

Squiggle birds