Why behaviour change is a powerful innovation lens

Paul Davies, AKA the Design Psychologist, shares his insights on why behaviour change is a powerful lens for innovation and creative thinking.


Paul Davies
Paul Davies, the Design Psychologist

Paul is a psychologist, a designer and a copywriter. He consults for leading health and finance organisations, helping to design propositions that aid decision making and which communicate clearly in situations where people are uncertain, anxious or ‘irrational’. Paul has lectured and written for academic and corporate audiences on the application of psychological research to design-based projects. His latest materials are on the Bhvr blog and Paul’s LinkedIn profile.


Understanding the psychology of behaviour can result in more successful innovations.


Paul argues that every product or service we develop is essentially trying to affect behaviour in some way. It could be as simple as getting somebody to buy the thing that you’re creating, or to instil some more long-term behaviour change.


He goes on to highlight that you can influence people’s behaviour without need to change their attitudes. Paul shows how, by enabling the right action easily, you can leverage people’s motivation and an appropriate trigger to influence what they do.


He concludes that a ‘behaviour change’ lens can be a powerful tool for your innovation projects.