Creativity courses, workshops and programmes

Team learning

Guided programmes and workshops for teams.

Team programme
Aurora Borealis

Mission: Horizons

Coached Multi-week
This programme is unique. It takes your team on a learning odyssey of playful collaboration to develop inventive solutions to real-world challenges they face.

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Team workshop
Superhero costumes

Creativity 7

Coached Day or Half-day
This workshop gives you super-powers. It gives you 7 key creative thinking techniques and the knowhow to tackle complex problems and make creative leaps.

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On-demand courses

Learn at your own pace, in your own time.

Hand clap coloured powder

Creative starters

On-demand 5 X 5 mins
5 ways to get your creative juices flowing and overcome creative blocks. Creative starters are great practical warm-up exercises for creative sessions.

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Illustration person fighting two brains

Creativity Unwrapped

On-demand 15 mins
Take a whistle-stop tour of what creativity really is, what it means to different people and where it comes from, then explore what is creative in you.

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