Creativity 7

Seven techniques for everyday creative thinking superpowers

Unleash your creative thinking superpowers

Gain 7 techniques for everyday creative confidence

Creativity 7 is a fast-paced interactive workshop on seven essential techniques to super-power everyday creative thinking. You will end the day with the tools and mindset to unleash your creative talent anywhere, anytime.

  • Teams of 6-60 people

    Price per person for full day workshops

    £150 - £250

Duration: full-day (or crunched half-day)

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Day workshop

A fast-paced wrangle with powerful techniques to unlock your creative abilities and confidence.

Interactive play

Launch into a world of interactive discovery, sharing and making to flex your creative thinking powers.

Power toolkit

Receive a Creative 7 power toolkit packed full with tips, guides, activities and practical materials.

Creative culture

Foster a culture of creative collaboration where people can ignite their curiosity to make a better world.

Workshop overview

The workshop takes you through the key stages of the creative design process. Within each, it provides the ‘goto’ tools and knowhow to advance to the next level. Starting with empathy mapping and problem framing, you will progress through intuitive, associative and analytical ideation techniques. You will then learn how to create rapid prototypes and evaluate alternatives effectively.

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Standard: 1 day
Crunched: 1/2 day


4 X team tasks
3 X individual tasks
1 X prize vote


Creative confidence
Tools & techniques

How creative are you?

Start by exploring what creativity is and what is creative in you, before looking at the methodologies of leading design thinkers and innovators.

Session 1:
Creativity springboard

Technique 1: Empathy mapping
Learn how to tap into other people’s perspectives and emotions to gather inspiration for your creativity.

Technique 2: Framing & re-framing
Discover an essential method for synthesising problems in a way that illuminates new possibilities.

Session 2:
Ideation techniques

Technique 3: Stimulating prompts
Practice how to stimulate more inventive thinking through creative prompts.

Technique 4: Associative thinking
Stretch your imagination with a powerful associative thinking approach.

Technique 5: Deconstructing
Understand how to find new possibilities in the parts of the sum.

Session 3:
Iterating & refining

Technique 6: Thinking with your hands
Think with your hands, your feet, your senses and the world around you to imagine new experiences.

Technique 7: Evaluating and comparing
Use an effective evaluation technique to refine and improve your ideas further.

Recap & prizes

Finish with a flurry by recapping how all 7 techniques work together, then voting for the best ideas that have emerged during the day.

Learn with Kevin Mann, founder of PermissionToPlay

A self-confessed creativity buff, Kevin helps teams acquire the skills and confidence to be highly inventive by delving into the creative thinking methods and techniques of today’s leading innovators.  He believes that the freedom to be creative is at the heart of innovation, happier people and more successful organisations.


Kevin has over 20 years’ experience as a marketing director and strategist supporting international organisations going through major change, from start-ups to mergers and break-ups. He has worked across diverse sectors, from financial services and tech to charities.

Kevin Mann

Why take the Creativity 7 workshop?


This workshop gives you super-powers. It gives you 7 key creative thinking techniques and the knowhow to tackle complex problems and make creative leaps.


You’ll learn in a stimulating and collaborative environment that enables you to practice the techniques and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. You’ll build your creative confidence and the tools to power-up your creative muscle even further.

This workshop will help you..

Foster a culture of creativity and innovation

Learn creative thinking techniques to use again and again

Inspire new thinking and ways of doing

Tackle complex problems more imaginatively

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

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Want a more in-depth learning experience?

Mission: Horizons is a unique programme that takes your team on a 6-month learning odyssey of playful collaboration to develop inventive solutions to real-world challenges they face.

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