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What is creativity?

Find out what creativity means and what is creative in you

Creativity Unwrapped is a quick exploration of what creativity is. We look at how different people define it and where is comes from, before delving into what is creative in you.

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Duration: 15 minutes


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15 minutes

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Explore your creative streak through a 5-minute self-discovery exercise.

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Course overview

Take a whistle-stop tour of what creativity is, what it means to different people and where it comes from. In this short 15-minute class with marketing and creativity expert, Kevin Mann, you’ll look at different definitions, challenge some common beliefs and get a chance to uncover what is creative in you.


This course is for anyone who is a little bit curious about the nature of creativity; and if they have any of it themselves. You won’t need a technical or scientific background, and you certainly will not need to be artistic.


All you’ll need is an open mind.

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Lessons: 15 minutes
Exercise: 5 minutes


7 X Videos
1 X Exercise download


Understand definitions of creativity
Discover your creative strengths

Lesson 1:
Introduction to course

Start by looking at the importance of creativity in the modern world and asking the key questions explored in the lessons.

Lesson 2:
What is creativity?

Revisit many of the commonly held notions or ideas of what creativity is and test their validity.

Lesson 3:
Creativity defined

Unpick the accepted definitions born out of the extensive scientific and academic research into creativity.

Lesson 4:
Creative personalities

Discuss the notion of left-brain and right-brain thinking and identify the contradictory traits of creative people.

Lesson 5:
Creative habits

Learn what artists, writers and innovators do differently, and what skills or habits you could adopt.

Lesson 6:
Creativity and you

Take 5 minutes to reflect on what creativity means to you and identify your own creative strengths.

Lesson 7:

Conclude by drawing out what creativity is and what can make us all more creative.

Learn from Kevin Mann, founder of Permission to Play

Kevin believes that the freedom to be creative is at the heart of innovation, happier people, brighter organisations and a better world. This idea underpins his mission to open organisations up to more creative thinking at every level.


As a Marketing professional, Kevin has helped dozens of organisations develop their market propositions, strategies and branding. He has held marketing director roles at major multinationals like Equiniti, Capita and UBS CEFS/Equatex to help shape their strategies during times of major change. As a non-executive director, mentor and volunteer, he also shares his knowledge and expertise with smaller but growing organisations who are keen to make a difference.

Kevin Mann

Why take Creativity Unwrapped?


This course gives you an essential understanding of what creativity is. It explores some myths about creative people and highlights the creative potential in all of us.


So, if you’re curious about the nature of creativity or if they have any of it, then Creativity Unwrapped helps you find the answers.

This programme will help you..

Understand what creativity is

Find your creative strengths

Debunk creativity myths

Adopt creative habits

Tickle your creative curiosity

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