Mission: Horizons

The 12-week innovation challenge for teams

Unlock your tribe’s creativity and innovation

A practical grounding in creative thinking with actionable results

Mission: Horizons is an intensive 12-week creative thinking training programme that challenges your teams to devise creative solutions to real-world problems and pitch them to a to a ‘Dragons Den’ style awards panel. It takes teams through a full innovation cycle, from understanding problems and users better, to creative idea generation techniques, conceptual design and prototyping.

  • Teams of 6-30 people

    Price per person for full programme and materials

    £450 - £750

Duration: 12 weeks

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Collaborative learning

Learn together as a team to push the limits of your shared creativity and build a culture of open innovation.

12-week programme

Gain essential creative thinking skills and techniques through a deep dive into the innovation process.

Comprehensive toolkit

Receive a creative thinking toolkit packed full with tips, guides, activities and practical materials.

Actionable innovation

Pitch the best concepts to an innovations awards panel for further funding and development.

Programme overview

Mission: Horizons provides a practical grounding in all the essential skills for highly creative innovation. It gives an overview of the leading creative methods and the key skills required throughout the process: research & empathy, problem framing, ideation techniques, concepts and prototype development, and evaluation methods. The mission also covers effective pitching and presentations of ideas.

Man looking at brainstorm notes


Standard: 12 weeks
Extended: 6 months


6 X half-day workshops
30 X Creative thinking tools
1 X Awards pitch


Creative confidence
Tools & techniques
Actionable concepts

Block 1:
Introduction to creative thinking & innovation

Kick off the creative journey by investigating what creativity is and how it works. Discover what is creative in you and explore the creative methodologies and models of leading design thinkers and innovators.

Block 2:
Immersion and building empathy

Unlock curiosity and learn how to tap into other people’s perspectives and emotions. Understand what drives them and how to gather inspiration for a better world through observation, questioning and immersion.

Block 3:
Framing the issue & defining the brief

Discover the art of the “Aha” moment and learn how to frame challenges in ways that unlock fruitful possibilities. Play with different ways of synthesising problems and telling the compelling tale of why better is needed.

Block 4:
Iterating through intuitive & associative ideation

Stimulate more inventive thinking through creative prompts, improvisation and divergent thinking techniques. Stretch your imagination with lateral, metaphorical, visual and associative thinking approaches.

Block 5:
Iterating through systematic & scientific ideation

Learn how to deconstruct issues for creative transformation and re-assembly. Understand how to find possible solutions in unconnected fields and how look to nature for inspiration.

Block 6:
Iterating through prototypes & evaluation

Bring creative ideas to life by making them tangible, trying them out, and getting real-life feedback. Think with your hands, your feet, your senses and the world around you to prototype innovative and engaging experiences.

Block 7:
Pitching your winning concepts

Present the most promising concepts to a panel of colleagues and experts to select the winning innovations to be taken to the next stage of development and testing.

Learn with Kevin Mann, founder of PermissionToPlay

A self-confessed creativity buff, Kevin helps teams acquire the skills and confidence to be highly inventive by delving into the creative thinking methods and techniques of today’s leading innovators.  He believes that the freedom to be creative is at the heart of innovation, happier people and more successful organisations.


Kevin has over 20 years’ experience as a marketing director and strategist supporting international organisations going through major change, from start-ups to mergers and break-ups. He has worked across diverse sectors, from financial services and tech to charities.

Kevin Mann coaching

Why take Mission: Horizons?


This programme is unique. It takes your team on a learning journey of playful collaboration to develop inventive solutions to real-world challenges they face.


Over the course of the programme, you’ll learn practical skills and techniques to help you understand issues better and find more creative answers easily. Learning as a team, you’ll build a collaborative culture that foster creativity and innovation. You’ll practice methodologies and mindsets that can be applied to any situation to help solve complex problems. Finally, you’ll develop proposals and concepts to innovate in your organisation.

This programme will help you..

Build a culture of creativity and innovation

Learn creative thinking skills and techniques

Develop creative methodologies to use again and again

Practice collaborative problem solving

Delight your audiences and customers more

Sneak peek

Creative workshop

Made me rethink assumptions. Went in with preconceived ideas of our solutions, which completely changed by the end.


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