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The Art of Shouting Quietly: A Guide to Self-Promotion for Introverts and Other Quiet Souls


by Pete Mosley (Author)


Available as: Kindle edition | Paperback


This book is aimed at all the brilliant people out there who have fabulous products and services but who struggle to promote themselves through shyness, introversion or a mistrust of the marketing process in general.


It’s aimed at people who want to find success on their own terms, boost their confidence, get a clear sense of direction, overcome blocks and barriers (real or imagined) and connect effectively with others.

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One of the questions the book explores is the perennial problem of self-confidence. It’s a mercurial quality at the best of times and one which ebbs and flows for everyone throughout their lives. It’s not something that you get once and then have forever.


But with a solid foundation beneath it, confidence becomes significantly harder to rock and easier to recover when it is shaken.

  • Belief in yourself.
  • Understanding your place in the world – and what you were put on the planet to do.
  • Being true to yourself & your values.
  • Knowing that you have the power and freedom to shape your own sense of what is (and is not) possible.
  • Having a strong sense of plan & purpose.
  • Knowing where your support lies.
  • Developing the skill of asking for help in a structured way and understanding that this is not a sign of weakness.
  • Knowing how to show up and share your gift in a way that sits comfortably with your values and mindset.


This book illustrates how this can be done – with insights into what the blocks actually are, how to take responsibility for them, and how to stop blaming others for your own lack of progress. Every reader, I’m sure, will find something in the content that they will relate strongly to in respect of the obstacles and challenges in their own life.


Shouting about stuff doesn’t make people want to buy. Lead with your values.
Create empathy. Without empathy, you won’t get the quality of relationship you need to build the partnership, move the project along or make the sale.


This book is accessible and easy to read but also poses difficult questions; it is full of ideas and inspiration that will spur you to action, give you confidence in your ideas and the energy to move them forward.