Goodies to inspire creative confidence

Wired to Create: Discover the 10 things great artists, writers and innovators do differently


by Dr Scott Barry Kaufman (Author), Carolyn Gregoire (Author)


Available as: Kindle edition | Paperback


Creativity works in mysterious ways, with inspiration often arising out of nowhere – and then failing to show up when we need it most!


Combining the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology with original research, Dr Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire dig deeper than ever before into the creative mind. Taking us on a fascinating journey that unpacks the creative genius layer by layer, they reveal what creativity is, what creative people do differently and what we can all learn from this.


With insights from some of the greatest creative minds in history, including Pablo Picasso, Marcel Proust, David Foster Wallace and Frida Kahlo, Wired to Create shows that we all have access to creative achievement and that, in essence, we are all wired to create.