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Creativity and you: Self-Reflection Exercise Sheet – Free Download





This exercise is a self-reflection to discover what is creative in you. It accompanies the ‘Creativity Unwrapped‘ on-demand course:  a 14 minute whistle-stop tour of what creativity is, what it means to different people and where it comes from.

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Take a few minutes to consider your creative abilities and devise what ‘creativity’ means to you.



  • Take a sheet of (A4) paper and draw a 3X3 grid in the top half. In the middle box, write “Me”, or doodle a selfie if you prefer. From what you’ve learnt in the class, think about what your creative qualities could be.  What are your conflicting traits? Are you analytical? Are you a dreamer? Don’t think too hard. Just whatever pops into your head. Fill up the 8 boxes with 8 words or pictures that come to mind when you think about creativity and you.
  • Then below the grid, write: “To me, creativity is…”, and complete the sentence, in no more than 20 words. There are not right or wrong answers, so feel free to be imaginative.
  • Finally, share your work and see what others have said.