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Squiggle Birds: Creative Warm-up Exercise Sheet – FREE Download





At the start of creative group sessions, it is often important to help people ease inhibitions and build a bit of creative self-confidence.


Squiggle Birds is a very simple exercise which is remarkably good at loosening up those internal tensions and putting a smile on proceedings. It is mainly intended to demonstrate how easily anyone can draw to represent an idea. In the process, it switches on curiosity and dissipates self-doubts.

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Draw squiggles:  take a plain sheet of paper and draw some roundish squiggles around the page. Make them different sizes. Vary their shape. About a dozen squiggles is great. Or download some ready-made squiggles if you wish.


Then, transform them into birds: a triangle for a beak; a dot for an eye; two bird feet; finally another triangle for a tail.


See a ful demonstration on the FREE open-access ‘Creative Starters‘ video course.